What are humans ?

Trillions and trillions of cells and millions of miles of neuro pathways that make up some sentient being that is capable of understanding such things. How does something that starts from a single cell turn into something that is nothing short of a miracle and how often do we really take the time to fathom and fully take in what it means to be human and what is this experience that we are experiencing. MRI+3+MODALITIES+CORONAL.jpgHow have we come so far as humans that we can classify different structures in the brain and give such particular definitions of what each are capable are of and even understanding ourselves on the cellular level and all the complexities that come with being human. I like to think that one of the things that it means to be human is fully do as much as we can without being careless.


World News

In  a recent turn of events we are witnessing the escalation of world affairs and the repercussions that will be a results of these. One thing that we may be all noticing is natural disasters and the effect they have on many different continents. I once heard a line in a movie when I was little that went something like “Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate”. We live on a planet that has such a delicate balance that we must maintain the order of and when we start to tamper with that order we start to get the bi-products which we see in War, famine and mass trauma to different societal structures.

sky-earth-galaxy-universe.jpgWhat is their to do  ? Are we really that doomed ? Well do not fret because their is still hope to be had because we are still very capable of recovery however it will most certainly take the effective will power collective grouping or resources to fully fix the problem of global tension and global warming.

Hurricane Irma Lashes Florida

In a recent turn of escalated events, we have seen Florida get hit with a Category 4 hurricane that packed a punch of 150 mph + winds. The economic toll is big but rebuilding their infrastructure will be just as big because they have suffered over 7 million customers who lost power throughout the state which is the largest loss of power recorded in U.S history. As Americans we should always be seeking to help our neighbors and after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma we should look to non-profit organizations who will give a majority of their benefits that were collected to the victims. Be very careful when donating because even the Red Cross was in trouble with the public for keeping a majority of the donations that they were given for third world countries. Open eye and an open mind.


Where are we going with renewable energy ? Will it really make a impact ? Can it be sleak and sexy like fossil fuel powered cars ?

A graphene solution would put super capacitors to their ultimate use and that would reinvent the world as we know. The problem with current super capacitors is that they are only able to have high energy capacities but low power densities due to the inefficiencies and lack of innovation that has been made in the technology. Th sexiest car of the year for 2015 was a sleek Tesla and the trend is starting to look like it will continue as every car company is projected to be releasing a an electric line of vehicles within the next few years.